Remember back when I posted about the Tesla play?

**** WOW! *****

We went to see it last night, as scheduled, and it was GREAT. You should go. It runs for a couple more weeks, through June 26. Get tickets directly from San Jose Stage or, if you are a Goldstar Events member, through their halfprice link. Easy walk from the light rail in downtown SJ in the little theatre district there.

It's a 4-person show in an intimate little theatre, with the original Canadian troupe that did the play up North. The playbill is full of fascinating and obscure Tesla-lore, the staging is minimalist but incredibly innovative (to me, at least!), and the whole 2-hour one-act play was over in what seemed like a brief moment. Go for it! Way, way cool.

I was surprised at how many people I know have some of Tesla's personality quirks-- the megalomania, the abstractedness, the OCD. I felt like I'd grok him a bit if he were around today-- have known more than a few world-class geniuses in person, and they got the personality stuff down right. Dunno if Tesla's mix was exactly as portrayed, but they correctly portrayed someone with that mix. I'd not really thought about how prevalent some of the 'mad science' attributes were in the folks I knew at school and some folks I know today. Hmmm.


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