un petit panhard PL 17

Driving out of the parking lot at the AMC Mercado tonight, we saw a car we'd never seen before, and both immediately said, "let's stop!". It was clearly vintage, from the 50's or 60's, and somewhat resembled a Citroen. If Dr Citroen has stolen Austin Thunderbird's mojo and gone back in time to have a car, this is kinda what he'd have had, if you can picture that. Or better, imagine the vehicle below in candy-apple red, with a white leatherette drop top. Nice! Oh yes, the plate was a concatenation of 'lagniappe'. Somebody did good!

Googling for images revealed that not only are there lots of Panhards out there (for small values of 'lots') but that they made an Armored Personnel Carrier. Kawaii!!!! Adorable, *and* it looks like you could park it in the City. Meanwhile, check out the swoopy and futuristic 1948 Panhard Dynavia (plus a nice PL 17, like we saw). Tres fantastique!


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