dance, monkey, dance!

"Put another nickel in, to the Webolodeon, and dance, dance, dance..."

This should be a hit with the ADHD and non-ADHD crowd alike: a time-tracking application that nudges you when you seem to be getting lost websurfing. Of course, some of us might get distracted typing up the little 'what I was just doing and why it's relevant' description that is used for a virtual nickel. Presumably the app doesn't freeze in dialog mode and let one go off browsing to find just the right way to describe how the past N minutes have been spent. A previous version was apparently implemented in PHP and Perl, but this GreaseMonkey script is pure smooth Java easy listening.

It would be very intriguing to instrument a web browser to take document fingerprints and develop a pattern, then MRTG graph it to see when one is looking at 'unusual' things. I'd use it for myself to see whether I was meeting my goal of broad research on a variety of topics.


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