if you wait, they will build it

I spent the first 10 months of my Mac TiBook becoming continually annoyed with Open Office. It's a great effort, but the lack of Mac integration kept me struggling. Cut and paste was laborious or nonexistent: one version had its own X, that was not compatible, so I had dual cat/vi windows, one xterm and one mac-native terminal, to fake cut and paste. Another version used XDarwin with a special cut-n-paste app, but XDarwin crashed my Panther 10.3.x frequently, which was Not Okay.

Now I've discovered NeoOffice and am willing to try the experiment again. A fully java-based implementation in native Carbon and Aqua, it may save me getting another copy of MS Office suite for the new iMac in my home office. I've got my fingers crossed! "Stop fussing with X11 and get the real deal today" proclaims their site, and I hope it's going to turn out to be true.


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