I talk to the scenery, it talks back to me

Tonight I followed a twisty little chain of links to IT Conversations stored audio and video of the Alex 'WorldChanging' Steffen and Bruce 'Viridian' Sterling keynote at South by Southwest Interactive. The keynote was entertaining (the video is a subset of the audio), but the real fun was discovering the IT Conversations site.

I'm enjoying the feeds from all the conferences I keep missing (O'Reilly Emerging Technology, Bloggercon), plus some I never heard of before (PopTech). I might be doing a workshop on 'Social Technologies' at LISA this year-- it would be a nice touch if I could get some of our sessions broadcast on the site!

By the way, not only does IT Conversations have some very interesting material, they have the extremely excellent feature that you can create your own queue and they set up a customized RSS feed for it. So you can browse the site, add a bunch of stuff to your queue, and then whack your podcasting app and download it all. Oh, and share the del.icio.us-ness. Beauty, beauty, beauty.


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