fontastic voyage

Lovely thread on Desert Island Fonts over on Andy Budd's. At least one commentator has thoughtfully linked into the various typeface stores, introducing me to a few new places to shop besides Adobe, Linotype (home of Friz Quadrata, near & dear to the hearts of Prisoner fans everywhere), and the never-disappointing P22 Foundry. I was disappointed to see no mention of my indispensable, Copperplate Gothic. The one true Bitstream version, of course, not that Linotype heresy with the squeakier serifs. But I'm not really a font geek, I'm just savagely opinionated. Oh, and I'm in love--- Ocean Sans, swoon. But at $195, alas, 'tis not to be. I'm much more likely to pick up a copy of P22's beauteously clean London Underground at $29.95. Nothing like, but caught my eye. Keep me out of their Top 10 list!


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