being tasty to zombies, and other hazards

As the archetypal revenants climb out of the ground moaning their rallying cry of "braaains!", do you wonder how you could be the choicest zombie foie gras on your block? No? Wait, maybe you wonder how you can keep your brain healthy and alert, and improve or maintain your cognitive function as you age. Yeah. That's it.

If your neighborhood lacks zombies, you can always find something going on to keep you alert. If you're a compulsive worrier, I don't recommend the nifty combined hazard map. Thanks, USGS. Just what I needed! On the other hand, it becomes glaringly obvious why there are so many data centers springing up in certain parts of the SouthWest.

A big thanks (a real one!) to our unsung reference librarian heroine, Marylaine Block, whose Neat New Stuff mailing list puts nifty and obscure things like these in my mailbox.


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