ProtoPage: AJAX Rocks Your Web Desktop

I have tried to be a good little TiddlyWiki'er, but moving the TW around on my flash drive is cumbersome and annoying. Yet I hate relying on the network for applications, because one doesn't always *have* network, and most network web/productivity apps don't run via https or tunneling. I am frequently heard to rant on this topic, and have vowed to never be dependent on the net to work. I've just hit my "never say never" moment.

After only 15 minutes of experimenting, I am already doing useful work in Protopage, with wiki-like sticky notes, link lists, and freeform text blocks. I want to make a Protopage for several major work areas in my life: the open source stuff, my consulting & staffing company, my gardening, etc. OMG.

Now I want authentication, shared group access for collaborative projects, a way to back it up, etc etc. To me, this is complete simplicity and transparent ease of use. Backpack and the like should take some cues from this-- the Backpack concept is wonderful, but the UI is so cumbersome. Make a Backpack widget for Protopage!

In the 'proof of concept' department: my thought upon leaving this site was, "Where do I go to PAY for this?! I want to make sure it does not go away!" That's a heck of a business use case. Protopagers, are you listening?


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