A Web Design Conference for IT Professionals? W00t!

The upcoming WOW Web Design and Project Management Conference in mid-September has a refreshing difference from all of the other web conferences that I've attended or read about so far. It's the very first one that I've seen that includes *me* in the target audience! Even better, professionally I'm three out of four of the top four targets.
  • Information Architects / Knowledge Managers
  • IT managers and Planners
  • Software project Managers [not much 'me' in this one, except for operations-related software]
  • Integration team Managers

So far, so good. Now the burning question, from the viewpoint of a small business owner with multiple employees: where do I find the discount registration offers for *this* conference? No luck on the Blogger or MT dashboards, alas, nor on Molly's pages where the 2004 version was discounted.


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