Early Adopter (Whoop-Te-Doo; That and 3 Bucks Will Get me a Latte)

I got grouchy at some point during this latest session and went looking for some online documentation of the fact that I've been saying since AT LEAST 1994 that the most precious commodity on the net is *human attention*. I wasn't posting the TaskBroker stuff, just notebooking it. But I probably have a rant filed somewhere about that and went looking for that.

Lo, instead of what I was looking for, I found some magic early-adopter-fu to combat BBS05 fatigue and make me smile: a FoRK post from 2000, showing my signup to Pyra.com. As I said, that and a few bucks will get me a latte, but suddenly I feel good. Ya do what ya do, whether it makes sense to other folks or not. Kinda like when I do art, digital or the old-fashioned kind, or mutant miniature meeting sketches. If it makes me happy, and I don't care if I show it to anybody else or not, I know I did it right.

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