medical gadgetry galore

Ever wonder how the medical profession finds out about the latest cool stuff? Other than those folks in suits who show up with briefcases all the time and slow down the appointment room? Here's one place: MedCompare, self-billed as "The Buyer's Guide for Medical Professionals". A wander-through makes fascinating reading. Now they just need to get an RSS feed going, pretty please?

Edit, an hour or so later: How nice! Reading my morning 37 Signals, I found a nifty makeover of the generic prescription bottle, the excellent ClearRx design recently developed independently and then snapped up by Target. Trying to find more info on ClearRx, I ran across Medagadget, truly the medical gadgetry blog-o-dreams. I (heart) my morning netromps. Now it's time to get back to work!


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