Subject: charming domestic scenes of the 21st century Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 00:17:59 -0800 From: Strata Rose Chalup Organization: VirtualNet Consulting To: a few hundred of my closest friends The virtual camera pans across a balcony of potted plants in assorted stages of winter dormancy. Passing through the glass doors into the kitchen, it makes a sharp turn around the vase holding magenta carnations and hovers briefly over a tabletop strewn with periodicals ranging from Science News to Nuts & Volts, QST to Silicon Valley Business Ink. Our invisible point of view rotates and moves forward into the living room, where cats and laptops recline seemingly at random on horizontal surfaces of varying heights. It pauses before the open doors of a tall cabinet, and focuses on a small personal shortwave receiver almost old enough to drive. The old-fashioned LCD readout shows 5000 khz. As the warm tones of WWV reach "8 hours universal coordinated time", a nerdy couple are kissing on the couch, breaking off with a wide smile. Happy New Millennium!! Cheers, Strata & Mike PS- If this sounds totally hopeless to you, we are probably too weird to become good friends of yours, but we'll say hi at parties. :-)


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