Whiteboard Photo - The Digital Camera Whiteboard Capture Software "Whiteboard Photo lets you take snapshots of your dry-erase board, flipchart, chalkboard or document with your digital camera and convert them into crisp, perfect images in seconds. Whiteboard Photo uses proprietary image processing algorithms to compensate for the geometry of your photograph, correct the colors, and clip the borders so that you get a perfect printout of your board every time. You don't need to worry about the angle of the camera, the lighting, reflections, or even small print." I would have scoffed at this before seeing the before and after pictures. Very compelling! Unfortunately not something one could use to automagically filter the images coming in from a webcam, unless one is a badass ActiveX scripter, since this is a Windows product. Still, might be useful in cleaning up pix of public art that I take with my digital camera. I like to capture building murals, since I have seen so many wonderful ones lost to fire, vandals, or just new owners with no sense of style. _SRC


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