formen.ign.com: GearHeadsUp: MODO "So what does it do? Well, the beeper sized MODO receives - and only receives - information from Scout Electromedia about local entertainment. Scout will create and supply the content that will automatically be beamed to MODO units all over the city. I guess they have a squad of in the know city folk who just feed their favorite places into the MODO system. You could find out about nightclubs, shows, restaurants, etc. while on the go." Finally, *somebody* doing something useful with PointCast. OK, not PointCast the company, but the concept is great. My husband and I are both ham radio opertors (WA2FHF and KF6NBZ), and wonder why no one has done this with ham radio. Just recrystal a bunch of boring old pagers and run a packet service. For that matter, when the PalmVII was starting up, I suggested that folks just use packet technology and set up a gateway for packet radio based PQAs. Like most good ideas, if you don't have time to do it yourself, it's hard to get other folks interested (though I really didn't try widely). Kenwood sells a nice little handheld that integrates a slow-scan TV broadcaster and video camera with the unit (via a cable, the video unit is an addon). They could have a WAP/CDML/HDML device that uses packet gateways to surf for non-business legal non-FCC-violating type uses. All those quasi-broken old 8086 handheld PDAs out there that can talk serial talk to an RS-232 interface and have a working BASIC or other language could become packet gateways with one of the Tigertronic teeny-tiny TNCs. Heck, you could implement a really simple APRS and just stick the thing on your dashboard, only use it when you have your rig and your GPS in the car. Why oh why don't I have time to tinker? Actually, I know the answer to that one-- when I "tinker", I do it with things I actually give a damn about. The resulting single-mindedness is not healthy for staying employed. Though now that I'm married and could arrange a temporary external conscience, I should think again about how much that is a limitation. In any case, working for a startup is not a good time to start off-hours projects, since there are so few of them. The off-hours, not the projects, which stack to fill time exponentially. _SRC


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