Just found this, and it's interesting. I've been saying the same thing for years, albeit using more specialized terminology-- namely, all technology has certain affordances built into it, which may or may not include an idealized usage model and/or deployment model. Anyway. Worth checking out! They have lots more princples, I just included the first one. :-) TECHNOREALISM PRINCIPLES OF TECHNOREALISM 1. Technologies are not neutral. A great misconception of our time is the idea that technologies are completely free of bias -- that because they are inanimate artifacts, they don't promote certain kinds of behaviors over others. In truth, technologies come loaded with both intended and unintended social, political, and economic leanings. Every tool provides its users with a particular manner of seeing the world and specific ways of interacting with others. It is important for each of us to consider the biases of various technologies and to seek out those that reflect our values and aspirations.


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