Rohit got with Peyman, Adam, Hao and FoRK, They were sharing Rohit's outlook On making routing work. Mikey loved Hawaiian shirts And JT had his doggies. They were all in love with routing They hacked it in XML. Kragen coded Perl5 like a savant on caffeine. Ben developed HyperChat, JScripting like a fiend. They were all in love with routing, Packet-streaming from the fountain that was RSSing like an avalanche SOAPing down NET mountain. Some will burn out in startup mode In daylong design meetings Some will burnout in startup mode While reading flamewar greetings. Some will fall in love with code and packet-stream a fountain That is RSSing like an avalanche SOAPing down NET mountain. There's an intensity here that is something I've missed for a long time. I am here at work anywhere from 10 - 14+ hours a day and am reluctant to leave. It's rather appalling how much of my difficulty with motivation over the last several years seems to be psychological, related to work environment. It's very different to feel that whatever I'm doing matters. When you have less than 10 people onboard, each person has a large contribution to make, whether to tangible intangibles like functionality & morale or intangible tangibles like making sure there's always milk in the fridge and being the token CostCo card-bearer. I don't mind the stress sometimes, The abilities it brings. I can wear an evil grin And think of other things. Cinnamon and sugar And boldly taken hacks, You never know what you can do Until you just relax. [With a tip of the hat to the BHSurfers, song "Pepper"]


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