MIT's Greatest Hits (by the Original Artists!)

I miss the old stomping grounds, and now and then fantasize about going back and finishing my degree. The latest alumni TechConnection mailing helpfully pointed out the debut of MIT World, a "free and open site that provides on-demand video of significant public events at MIT". Their words, not mine, but I'm not prone to disagree. The Hal Abelson and John Wilbanks (ExecDirec, Creative Commons) vid on "Open Networks and Open Society: the Relationship between Freedom, Law, and Technology" looks like a fine exemplar of the type. There is, of course, a handy RSS feed of new material.

Along with all the hairy tech topics, such as Bose-Einstein condensates, one can find business, IT, oceanography, art, and public policy topics, using the handy search facility on the site. Poking around for 'technology' got me Frank Cloutier of HP speaking on Building One of the World's Largest Technology Businesses, Tim Berners-Lee's opening keynote, The Semantic Web from the Emerging Techologies Conference (Technology Review's conf, not to be confused with the O'Reilly conference of similar name), and The Akamai Story: From Theory to Practice from last year's MIT IT Conference. Lots of networking goodness in the talks from the 2005 MIT IT Conference.

I didn't know MIT had an IT conference, prior to finding this stuff. Here's the (very preliminary) 2006 MIT Information Technology Conference placeholder. Registration opens in December, conference is in late April annually.


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