My goodness, it's SO much faster to blog at night. Of course, I ought to be asleep. But catching up on some email for a few minutes while dealing with insomnia brought me to Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments. Very inspiring. I'll have to try some of these sometime later. Did anyone else ever make FrankenPeeps by cycling the power on a Peep in the nuker? No? Umm, err, maybe I never did either.... The lovely disclaimer (perhaps I should say the FIRST lovely disclaimer) on the site says, " Are you a kid? Does your microwave oven belong to your parents? If so, then don't even THINK about trying any of these experiments. I'm serious. If I wreck my microwave oven, I can buy another. Also, I'm a professional electrical engineer. I know enough physics and RF effects to take correct safety precautions when I'm experimenting. But you don't know the precautions, so you should be smart: read and enjoy my writing, but don't duplicate my tests unless you grow up to become an electronics tech, engineer, etc., and buy your OWN microwave oven." I bet they won't listen. I would have, but then again we didn't have a microwave when I was growing up. :-)


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