Another lovely "dot com eCONomy" analysis from overseas. I am sorry to hear of all the layoffs, but I feel quite vindicated that I was not, in fact, clueless or crazy. Now if only I had abandoned my principles long enough to become severely rich, but alas, I always felt that the whole thing was a big pyramid scheme and couldn't bring myself to sign on with anybody except as a consultant. Guardian Unlimited | Netnews | The big con "Since it was markets that expressed the will of the people, virtually any criticism of business could be described as an act of "elitism" arising out of despicable contempt for the common man. ... Since what the market does - no matter how whimsical, irrational or harmful - was the Will of the People, any scheme to operate outside its auspices or control its ravages was by definition a dangerous artifice, the hubris of false expertise."


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