Live at Business Blog Summit

I am SO glad to be here at the Business Blog Summit. I didn't connect that the first-day 'Business Blogging 101' was taught by Dave Taylor-- you know, that Dave Taylor, whose fantastic site inspired me to get back into blogging. Excellent!!!

And for all you BlogHer alumni, *yes*, there is a line at the women's room. I'd say we have about 15 - 20% women attendees.

"If there's one message that I want everyone to get by the end of the day, it's that blogging is REAL BUSINESS... if you only get that message, and the rest is just a bunch of Greek or Latin or XML, that's okay." -Dave Taylor, about 30 seconds ago.

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Blogger Dave Taylor said...

By the way, I never said so when we were talking in San Francisco, but I was delighted to learn here on your weblog that it was my blog that inspired you to join us bloggers and am honored to have inspired you to do such good work!

12:29 AM  
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