...and still no sign of land...

I just spent several hours pulling in content from several of the places I have it cached, scattered, and generally archeologically midden'd around the net. My seriously rabbit-punched sense of content-fu from today's BlogHer conference has been re-energized. Truly, I cannot easily answer the question "what's your blog". I do not have several years' worth of postings in one place and time on a moderately organized topic.

However I do have a digital studio, several photo psuedo-blogs (e.g., 'whats new' pages), a garden journal, an art/sketch pseudo-journal (the Synopsys "meeting art" series), a wiki travelogue of our year sabbatical touring in a motor home, a double handful of blogs started in 1999-ish and mostly quickly abandoned, a few years' of LJ, good-sized chunks of personal poetry & prose and professional writing, and the tattered hierarchy of a website going back to 1993. Now to try actually putting it all in one (virtual) place for a change, reorganizing according to Covey's 1st principle "Begin with the end in mind".

I implemented the first "virtual conference" on the net, the 1994 NTIA Virtual Conference on Universal Service and Open Access , with sync'd and linked mailing lists, webmail archives, and netnews groups providing the kind of functional interactivity that we take for granted in blogging today.

So in retrospect, I think I'll stand up tall and say, "hell yeah, I'm a woman blogger!"


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