Blogging Goes Business: BBS'05 (SF CA, 8/17-19/05)

After the delightful ambiance of BlogHer'05, I suspect that my upcoming attendance at BBS'05, the Blog Business Summit, will be 'business as usual'. If you're a Blogger.com user, make the conference much more affordable by using the friendly Google-sponsored link for discounted BBS'05 registration. Yay! I, of course, mistakenly clicked on the Wordpress link and am now doubly registered, a snafu which I hope I will be able to sort out. Edit: Thank you, wonderful Kim at BBS, for taking care of this the very next day!

Any BlogHer alumni or other women bloggers planning on attending? Let's do the Smart Mob thang suggested by Liza Sabater's recent BlogSheroes post. Drop me a note or comment, and we'll get in touch via email and arrange to meetup at the conference.


Anonymous DL Byron said...

Hey, cool. Glad your coming. Contact us to work out your registration and we'll see you there.

9:41 PM  

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