RubyonRailsCamp Redux

Absolutely excellent, with the usual agonizing decisions of which sessions to attend because there were so many that were relevant. I'm looking forward to next year! And what the heck were the odds I'd end up at a table at dinner with two other people who have enjoyed the goodness that is a Lisp Machine?! Yow! It's still a tiny little world, too, as one of the folks I met at dinner turned out to be a good friend of a couple of old friends of mine.

Highlights for me:

  • Getting a handle on the nuances between REST and SOAP, in the Web Services session
  • Discovering another reason why having a Mac rocks: SubEthaEdit Collaborative note-taking, anyone? Pair programming over the net? Woot!
  • Catching up on OpenID
  • Being blown away by the realtime coding demo of SimplyRESTful. Oh, and SimplyHelpful is not exactly chopped liver either!
The best part of the conference, though, was getting to meet my Rails dev guy, Matt, face to face after several months of working together. He rocks! Our Virtual.Net app is still under wraps, but take a look at the great app that he's been developing for his own company, an online scrapbooking site called Scrap Ease, now in open beta. Nice stuff!


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