Strata at RailsCamp San Jose

Strata will be joining the interesting folks at IBM Almaden's Ruby on Rails Camp in early November in San Jose. Also onsite will be Matt Petty, Virtual.Net's primary Rails developer, who has been implementing Virtual.Net's skunkworks Rails project from his Riverside CA location. We hope to be demonstrating the application at the (un)conference, and may have it ready for release in Gem form by then. Matt will also be giving a demo of his ScrapEase project, an extremely nifty online scrapbooking application, in his role as lead developer and founder of KizMeta LLC. Virtual.Net will host a 'Remote Rails Development: Tips, Tricks, & Caveats' session if there is interest onsite. We've developed some useful protocols and would like to share them with the community and get info from others on what's worked (or not!) for them. Will post any slides here, after the event. Rails developers-- interested in working with a firm with experience in scaling, designing for data *and* code re-use, and a good understanding of the real bones of Web 2.0, the skeleton under the hype? We are looking for 1 or 2 folks interested in collaboration & contracting. West Coast/PST preferred. If you are too 'expert', we probably can't afford you. If you are too junior, we can't afford the learning curve. Have some solid app-building experience in Rails or another language, a willingness to learn scaling and do collaborative design, and a belief in writing conduits, not portals. Drop us a note if you're intrigued. No reposting or forwarding, please.


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Blogger Noni Biene said...

We also start a Ruby on Rails Camp 2008 in Germany. If you want to visit us, then come to http://www.railscamp.de

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